Diogo Gomes

Diogo José Cardoso Gomes, born in Lisbon in 1988, and majored in History in 2012, is currently writing a master's dissertation on Medieval History, focusing on the narrative of war, at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Nova University of Lisbon (FCSH/NOVA).

Has a special interest in Portuguese and British Middle Ages, mainly in the history of politics and war. Also holds interest in comparative, institutional or urban history, having participated in some conferences and worked in some projects in these areas. These include the transcription of medieval texts in the project, Cortes Portuguesas – Cortes de D. João II, from the Centro de Estudos Históricos (NOVA), or the construction of an online databased, the Dicionário online do Oficialato Periférico da Coroa (séculos XIV-XV) (http://iem.fcsh.unl.pt/section.aspx?kind=bd3), for the Institute for Medieval Studies (IEM-FCSH/NOVA). Besides being a collaborating member of the Centre for English Translation and Anglo‑Portuguese Studies, Diogo is also an integrated member of the Institute for Medieval Studies.

Also published two articles:

Gomes, Diogo. “A Expedição da Mamora.” E-cyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion from the Centre of Overseas History (CHAM-FCSH/NOVA, UAç). Added in 2014.


Gomes, Diogo. “A Legislação Régia no Início do Século XIII: Afonso II de Portugal (1211) e João de Inglaterra (1215).” Revista de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses 21 (2012): 25-43. http://hdl.handle.net/10362/10408