Ricardo Marques

Ricardo Marques graduated in English and Portuguese and holds a PhD in Portuguese Literature, granted by FCSH – UNL. In this institution he has been a researcher at some centres (CETAPS, IELT, IEMo) and has just began work on a FCT-approved project on the Literary and Artistic magazines that belong to the first phase of Portuguese Modernism. 

He is a regular reviewer for the main poetry publications in Portugal (Colóquio-Letras, JL, Relâmpago) and he is also a freelance poetry translator (from Spanish and English). Tennessee Williams, Amy Lowell, Vicente Huidobro and Patti Smith are among the authors translated and published between 2011 and 2015.

He is currently the co-editor for the Poetry in Translation collection (“Traditore”) at (não) edições, an independent poetry publishing house in Lisbon. The first volume in the collection was an anthology based on the last book of poems by D.H. Lawrence, Pansies

Shortly after his book on one of the biggest poets alive in Portugal, Na Teia do Poema:

um percurso intertextual na Poesia de Nuno Júdice (Chiado Editora, 2013), he saw his

first poetry book published in Brazil (Makar, São Paulo: Editorial Arqueria, 2014) and will soon launch Metamorphoses, his fourth book of poetry in Portugal.


Recent publications include:


Marques, Ricardo. “The beginning of a century, the end of an era: the Portuguese seen by two English traverllers (1908-1909).” Actos to Congresso Do Brasil a Macau: Narrativas de Viagem e Espaços de Viagem. Published online, 2015. http://www.ulices.org/images/site/publicacoes/outras/2_SelectedEssays_243-648_2.pdf 

Marques, Ricardo. “Poeta Laureado.” E-Dicionário de Termos Literários. Carlos Ceia, coord. http://www.edtl.com.pt

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Marques, Ricardo. “La mort(e), c’est moi – sobre Le livre du deuil de Roland Barthes.” Colóquio/Letras 172 (2009): 33-7.



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Marques, Ricardo. Um lugar só para si – seis epístolas. Exhibition catalogue/Poetry. Coimbra: Debout sur l’oeuf, 2014.

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Marques, Ricardo. Na Teia do Poema: um percurso intertextual na poesia de Nuno Júdice. Lisbon: Chiado Editora, 2013.