Rui Carvalho Homem

Rui Carvalho Homem is Professor of English at the University of Oporto, Portugal. He is the author of two monographs – Shakespeare and the Drama of Alterity (in Portuguese; 2003); and Poetry and Translation in Northern Ireland: Dislocations in Contemporary Writing (2009) – and the editor of several collections, among which Translating Shakespeare for the Twenty-First Century (2004) and Relational Designs: Page and Stage, Canvas and Screen (2012). He has published extensively on contemporary Irish poetry, Early Modern English drama, Translation Studies, and intermediality. As a literary translator, he has published annotated versions of Shakespeare (Antony and Cleopatra, Love's Labour's Lost, Richard III) Christopher
Marlowe (Hero and Leander), Seamus Heaney and Philip Larkin. He is currently the Chair of ESRA, the European Shakespeare Research Association.


Recent publications include:


Homem, Rui Carvalho. Poetry and Translation in Northern Ireland: Dislocations in Contemporary Writing. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

Homem, Rui Carvalho, ed. Relational Designs in Literature and the Arts: Page and Stage, Canvas and Screen. Amsterdam and New York, NY: Rodopi, 2012.

Articles and book chapters:

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