Carlos Miguel Filipe Carneiro

Affiliation – CETAPS, FCSH-UNL


Seniority – Junior


Carlos Carneiro joined the CETAPS research centre and initiated his PhD project in 2011. His research interests are concerned with early Irish literature and its relationship with mythology as well as its influence in European medieval literature and culture. These topics are currently being explored in his PhD dissertation regarding the transmission of content and meaning from Irish tradition to Arthurian romance in shared motifs such as the beheading challenge from the Irish narrative Fled Bricrenn which has similarities to the Middle-English romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The associations of such research with Celtic Studies also led his research interests to expand into the interdisciplinary study of Celtic culture in general and specifically into the study of Celtic roots in the northern areas of the Iberian Peninsula and their cultural relationship with the British Isles, as well as possible cultural survivals in Iberian, Irish and British folklore and ethnography until today. This research interest has also led him to participate with lectures in folk-related events and to write subsequent articles. His PhD dissertation is due to be finished by the end of 2016 or early 2017.



Carneiro, Carlos (2013), “As Immram irlandesas: a influência da narrativa de viagem no imaginário medieval” in Cristina Álvares, Ana Curado & Sérgio de Sousa (eds.), O Imaginário das Viagens. V. N. Famalicão, Edições Húmus, pp. 401-418.

Carneiro, Carlos (2014), “Pagan and Christian Dichotomy in Early Irish Literature”, Brathair, Vol. 14, Nº1, pp. 50-81.

Carneiro, Carlos (2016), “Celtas no Noroeste da Península Ibérica, Parte 1: Dos Estrímnios aos Galaicos, Parte 2: Sobrevivências Culturais no Folclore Nortenho” in Frederico Pinheiro & Ricardo Brito (eds.), Oestrymnis, Vol. 1. IN PRESS.