Scientific Accessory
  • Late in 2014, the Portuguese Minister of Education Nuno Crato promoted a revision of the national curriculum of the first cycle of Basic Education. Professor Carlos Ceia joined a small team of experts that have helped the Minister in that revision which led to the generalization of English learning in all public schools in Portugal from year 3. As an expert, he helped the Minister to produce proper regulations (Decree-Law nº 79/2014, updated with the Decree-Law nº 176/2014: see for implementing the introduction of English learning for Basic Education in Portugal; this included a restructuring of teacher education legislation that led to a new master programme for TEYL; consequently, Professor Ceia joined a panel of external evaluaters for the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES to evaluate all new master courses for TEYL in Portugal. Later, he created a new master in TEYL at FCSH and an e-learning master in TEFL for continuing education of EFL teachers, after a partnership with the Portuguese Open University, which included the creation of a new PhD in Languages Didactics. All these postgraduation courses are running, after being approved by A3ES.

  • Professor Carlos Ceia collaboration with the Ministry of Education includes the current structuring of the national curriculum for all disciplines in Basic and Secondary education. In 2017, a core curriculum will be produced for all disciplines and he helped, as an expert, preparing the core curriculum for Portuguese and foreign languages as well.